#WhatEmpowersMe: Blog by Minakshi

In simple words “empowerment” means – The process of becoming stronger, more confident, poised and inspired. Empowerment is therefore a learning process. As we go through the maze of life, we learn – often by trial and error to come to things that we discover works the best for us.

As a women especially with multiple roles, empowering one becomes a “way of life”. One has to constantly find, discover, and invent ways to grow holistically which is another way of defining empowerment.
For me, the first thing I have learnt is to have faith in the very process of life. Call it spirituality or belief in God or whatever way one wants to define it – for me it’s the very thread on which the whole fabric of life is based. My Buddhist chanting, my belief in the inherent goodness of life gives me tremendous confidence in the spontaneous ever changing nature of life.

Second on my list would be “Affirmations”. In simple words, it means positive, healthy self-talk. The world is a mirror and what we think most of the time is what the world will show us. I try to focus on the positives rather than brooding or sulking on the opposite.

After a while it becomes a way of life……to focus on what could go right than what wouldn’t. In hard times, the question isn’t “why me” anymore, rather it is replaced by “Yes me”.