WhatEmpowersMe blog Chetna

Am I empowered? Am I thankful for that? A big YES to both!  Working in the U.S. Mission has given me so many opportunities to learn, unlearn, relearn and it is all so exciting.  It has molded me into a person who is always keen on knowing the latest and the best.  What empowers me is the choice to learn.  I have always found ways to educate myself here.  If the work needed those skills which I was seeking I got encouragement and the funds to go ahead and do it.   I traveled to Bangalore to present a paper that got selected for Indian Library Association annual conference way back.  The paper was born out of and related to the library electronic acquisitions work I did in office.  How enriching it was to stand before eminent people to deliver it!  I am empowered by the ability to keep sharing what I learn.

I like the liberty to create, initiate, be a pioneer in using available tools!  I choose to work in the ways that seem best.  The goals empower me as well as the process.  Leaps in technology at work here, were and are, as if my own growth milestones.

On another note, the choice to attend a philosophical discourse or social event or an American Center program in my own time empowers me.  If I choose to attend, the feeling of completeness if it’s worth it, makes me so happy.  Making a difference in one’s community has its own charm.  I get ample chances to do exactly that in my work and activities here.  It is empowering to only focus on the good and forge ahead breaking barriers of limited thinking.  It’s all for #USIndiaDosti!  Sincere gratitude for a wonderful learning environment.