Visit of Secretary of State John Kerry

People walking. (State Dept.)The Fifth Round of the U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, New Delhi, July 2014

President Obama has called our partnership with India a “defining partnership for the 21st century.” And as we go about the much-talked about “Asia rebalance,” there’s no more important partner for the United States in the region than India. The growing convergence of our interests and outlook has brought about unprecedented cooperation on regional and global security, economics and trade, education, science and technology, clean energy, health, and counterterrorism. Our governments have worked hard, especially in the last decade, to broaden and deepen this cooperation for the benefit of our citizens of our two great democracies.

  • Fact Sheet: U.S.-India Trade and Economic Cooperation (July 31, 2014)
    The United States and India share a strong and growing economic relationship, driven by entrepreneurial and visionary individuals, institutions, and businesses in both countries. This engagement, including trade, education, cultural, and familial ties, has always been at the leading edge of the U.S.-India relationship and strategic partnership, and continues to expand.
  • Background Briefing on Secretary Kerry’s Trip to India (July 30, 2014)
    We will have the Strategic Dialogue between the United States and India, which is an annual event, but we will be doing that for a second consecutive year in New Delhi, again, as an indication of our desire to really engage with this new government and across the broadest spectrum possible.


Photos: Secretary Kerry in India