Replacing a Lost/Stolen Green Card

I have lost my “Green Card”, what do I do now?

If you have lost your green card, or have had your green card stolen, the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi or any U.S. Consulate in India may be able to issue you a Boarding Foil (formerly known as a transportation letter) that will permit you to return to the United States.

New Delhi:

To request a boarding foil appointment, please write to with the subject line “Boarding Foil appointment request”. Please note that New Delhi cannot accept walk-in applications for a boarding foil. You are required to schedule the appointment in advance by e-mailing our office.


Mumbai, visit and schedule a consular interview using a Category 2 appointment slot.

Chennai: to request an appointment.

Hyderabad: to request an appointment.

Kolkata: to request an appointment.

You must bring the following documents in person:

  • Completed Form I-131A , Application for Travel Document (Carrier Evidence);
  • A printed copy of the $575 online fee payment made through the USCIS online payment system (ELIS) for filing Form I-131A;
  • Valid passport;
  • Police report regarding the loss of the LPR card;
  • Copy of your LPR card, if available;
  • Evidence to demonstrate that you have not been outside the United States for more than one year; and
  • Two identical 2 x 2 inch photographs

All boarding foils issued are valid for 30 days.  If your application for a boarding foil is approved and you fail to travel within the 30 day window, you will have to follow the same process again to obtain a new boarding foil.