US – Indian Symposium on Intellectual Property Rights in East India Gathers This Week

Kolkata, West Bengal, Jun. 28 2019

With the support of the US Consulate Kolkata, the AUTM Foundation is excited to partner with APIOiX to host the US – India Symposium on Intellectual Property Rights. The Symposium will consist of two workshops taking place on June 28th-29th and July 1st-2nd at the Westin Kolkata Rajarhat. The first two-day workshop series, entitled Intellectual Property Practice Principles, is geared toward intellectual property practitioners in academia and law. The second two-day series, entitled The Role of Intellectual Property in Business Transactions, is targeted toward local and regional entrepreneurs and businesses.

The Symposium is rooted in a mandate to understand intellectual property rights (IPR) challenges and best practices, expand innovation and entrepreneurial activity in India, and connect Indian and US businesses. Its primary objectives are to discuss intellectual property rights, intellectual property protection strategies, the impact of current case law, the impact of PTAB decisions, and the importance of intellectual property in innovation economies. The program will also enable connections between individuals and businesses in the United States and India and will produce a white paper that will discuss intellectual property protection issues in the context of US-India relations. Through connection and collaboration, the Symposium will ultimately serve a larger goal: facilitating the exchange of ideas and advancing education on the role of intellectual property in economic and technological development.