Repatriation Flight FAQs

We have no higher priority than the safety and security of U.S. citizens overseas. We are continuously assessing travel conditions in all areas affected by COVID-19 and will continue to update our travel advisories and safety information for U.S. travelers as situations evolve.

The U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Mission to India have repatriated over 3,200 U.S. citizens from India to the United States in recent weeks.  We are working to arrange a final set of special chartered flights for U.S. citizens and their families departing India.

If you are still interested in departing India on a U.S. government-facilitated flight, please register using this new form: 

If you have already provided your information on the new form since April 11, please do not fill out the form again. 

We expect these may be the final U.S. government-organized flights returning to the United States from India during the COVID-19 crisis.  We urge U.S. citizens who wish to return to the United States take advantage of this opportunity or be prepared to remain in India until commercial flights resume.  By registering, you confirm your interest to travel at short notice.

You will receive an email from U.S. Embassy New Delhi if you have been selected for a flight. Please understand that we prioritize seats based on vulnerability. If you indicated in your registration that you do not have email, we will call you. Please keep an eye on your email for flight notifications.

Flight confirmation emails will include all of the details you need. Once you have emailed the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi to confirm you want the seat that was offered to you, we will send you a SECOND email with instructions, departure locations, flight time, luggage restrictions, etc. Please pay close attention to these details and print the email for reference.

If you received an email offering you a seat on a repatriation flight, please confirm BY EMAIL within the specified time frame. Please let us know either way. If you turn down the seat, we can quickly offer it to someone else.

No. To ensure the maximum number of U.S. citizens can be offered flights, we must assign your departure date.

You do not need to pay for the flight in advance.Individuals evacuated on a U.S. government-coordinated transport, including charter flights, must sign a promissory note prior to departure.  Until your loan is paid in full, you and anyone for whose loan you are financially responsible may be denied a U.S. passport.We estimate the cost will be comparable to normal commercial round-trip fares, up to $2500 USD.

By taking a U.S. government coordinated transport, evacuees are obligated to repay the cost of their transportation. The amount billed to evacuees is based on the cost of a full fare economy flight, or comparable alternate transportation, to the designated destination(s) that would have been charged immediately prior to the events giving rise to the evacuation.

We recommend that you fill out and print form DS-5528; completing this in advance will speed up your processing time at theairport. Please fill out one form per adult and attach it to your email to Minor children can be listed on the same form as the accompanying parent or guardian.

The flights from New Delhi are chartered to San Francisco.  Flights to Mumbai are chartered to Atlanta.  We do not anticipate evacuation flights to other destinations.

The U.S. Embassy is unable to assist in arranging onward travel from that city to any other destination in the U.S.  You will be responsible for arranging and paying for travel to your final destination, including domestic flights, lodging, and local transport costs.

If you are in New Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Leh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, or Uttarakhand, we are unable to facilitate your travel on U.S.-chartered flights departing from Mumbai.  There are no domestic flights or U.S. government-facilitated ground transportation options between New Delhi and Mumbai.


Because of the nationwide lockdown, the U.S. Embassy recognizes the difficulties of reaching Indira Gandhi International Airport from outside of New Delhi.

If you are registered to take a bus to New Delhi, you MUST take the bus, or you jeopardize your booking on the flight to the United States. You are responsible for obtaining necessary e-passes from local and state government authorities to drive to the bus pick-up location.

If you have informed the Embassy of your plans to self-drive, the Embassy can provide you with a safe passage letter to provide to authorities.  You are responsible for obtaining necessary e-passes from local and state government authorities.

You should travel with your valid U.S. passport and a copy of your flight information, or confirmation from the U.S. Embassy that you are on the flight.  Check with local authorities whether a curfew pass will be required for your travel route.

Travelers may wish to make arrangements to stay at hotels near the Indira Gandhi International Airport as flights out of Delhi may be announced at short notice.  The following Delhi hotels are currently accepting reservations from U.S. citizens:  Andaz Aerocity, JW Mariott Aerocity, Leela Amibience Gurgaon, Pullman Aerocity, Leela Palace, Hyatt Regency, Taj Palace, and ITC Maurya.  In addition, OYO Hotels has offered rooms to U.S. citizens in the Delhi/NCR region.  OYO hotels near the Airport include OYO 19046 Hotel Airport Suites and OYO 9030 Hotel Delhi Airport Plaza.

Luggage space is very limited and anything more than one checked bag and one carry-on up to the weight limit (per passenger) will not be allowed on the plane. There are NO exceptions to these requirements.

– (one) 50 lbs (23 kg) checked bag per passenger
– (one) 10 lbs (4.5 kg) carry-on bag per passenger
– If you bring excess baggage you may be denied boarding.

No, only ticketed passengers are permitted to bring checked and carry-on luggage.

You will not be able specify any seating preference in advance. Do not ask for preferred seating; this is not a commercial flight and cabin upgrades are not available. 

You will not be able to pre-book a meal, so please plan to bring food if you have any personal dietary restrictions.  Liquids will be restricted too due to security controls at the airport. 

Each passenger needs a valid U.S. passport if they are a U.S. citizen. All non-citizens need a valid green card. Check the expiration dates on all your documents before traveling to New Delhi.

Travelers should contact the FRRO before travel to ensure they have the appropriate exit permission. If you want to accept a seat but are worried about meeting Indian government exit requirements, please explain clearly in your response email to so we can assist you.

In the event you discover your U.S. Passport is expired, please contact us immediately at We can issue an emergency travel document for this flight. This cannot be done at the airport. You will need to come to the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi ahead of the flight.

U.S. citizens are eligible. Adult U.S. citizens may be accompanied by LPR members of their immediate households such as a spouse, unmarried minor child, or another person for whom the U.S. citizen is legally responsible, (such as a ward for whom the citizen is the legal guardian appointed by a court, or an elderly parent or parent-in-law).  U.S. citizen children may be accompanied by one LPR guardian. All non-U.S. citizen passengers must possess a valid proof of legal permanent residency (e.g., a green card.) Nannies or household employees cannot be included on repatriation flights.

Babies up to age two will be allowed as lap infants.

Only immediate family members (spouses and minor children) with valid U.S. travel documents may accompany a U.S. citizen traveler. Household staff and nannies are also not considered immediate family members and are not eligible for U.S. Government-sponsored evacuation.

Families with a child younger than five who require a stroller may bring one.

The U.S. Embassy will conduct a pre-screening on all passengers, to include symptom analysis and temperature screening.

Anyone with flu-like symptoms will not be allowed to board a flight. Travelers exhibiting flu-like symptoms should not come to the airport.  These individuals should self-quarantine and seek medical attention locally if their symptoms worsen.

No pets are allowed on U.S. government flights.  If you have a formally-registered service animal, please contact once you have been confirmed on a flight.

Due to the global nature of the COVID-19 pandemic and the worldwide demand for repatriation assistance, we cannot guarantee any additional U.S. State Department-chartered flights will be available for U.S. citizens wishing to depart India.

The nationwide lockdown in India is in effect through May 3, 2020 in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As a result, all commercial flights have been suspended May 3 at the earliest. We are unable to predict if the suspension will continue beyond that.

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