Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Passport

  • If your passport is lost or stolen, you are advised to report the loss/theft to the local Indian Police Station and obtain a police report.
  • Original documents will be returned to you after review of your application.

Report your passport lost or stolen immediately to protect yourself from identity theft. You are also advised to report the loss/theft to the local Indian Police Station and obtain a police report. Once you report a passport lost or stolen, it is invalid and cannot be used for international travel.

 To renew a lost or stolen passport you are required to apply in person by attending a pre-arranged appointment. If you need an emergency replacement for immediate travel and there are no appointments available online send an email to the embassy or consulate near you.

In order to receive a replacement passports, please bring the following to your pre-arranged appointment:

    • For lost/stolen/misplaced passports: completed and signed Form DS-64: Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport.
    • For damaged passports: signed written statement explaining how and when your passport was damaged.

 Lost Indian Visa

People who lose their passport with their valid Indian visa must use their new replacement passport to apply for an exit visa with the Government of India’s Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) Online Portal. This process takes approximately 7-10 business days. You cannot leave India without this visa. More information on obtaining an exit visa will be provided when you come to apply for a replacement passport. Exit visas are not issued on weekends or Indian holidays. For more information visit: How to Get Exit Permit in India – India eVisa Online (indiaevisas.org)

Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

Please find your local FRRO here.