Emergency Passports (including emergency travel)

An emergency passport is limited to one year or less and does not have an embedded electronic chip.

CAUTION: Some countries may not accept an emergency passport and you could be refused entry by immigration officials or denied boarding by airline personnel. We strongly recommend that you research the entry and exit requirements of your destination before you travel. Country specific information can be found on the Department of State website.

Submitting the Application

The Embassy/Consulates can issue emergency passports under very specific and limited circumstances. Emergency passports are normally limited in validity and cannot be extended. Furthermore, you must appear at the Embassy or Consulate in person, during business hours, to apply. In most cases, emergency passports can be issued on the same day. If you believe you have a qualifying circumstance, please book an appointment from here.

Required Documents

The documents and fee necessary to apply for an emergency passport are the same as those for a regular passport. Please click here to return to the requirements for all passport types.


For customers who are applying for an emergency passport at the Embassy/Consulate, please note that:

The Embassy/Consulates do NOT store laptops or large luggage. Visitors carrying unauthorized objects will not be granted entry. Please see the full list of prohibited items.

Replacing an Emergency Limited Validity Passport

If you have already been issued an emergency limited validity passport and you need to replace it for a full validity passport, please follow the instructions below. Please note that this application can be submitted by mail. Your emergency limited validity passport must have been issued within the last year.

Required Documents

Please click here for more information regarding passport photograph requirements.


There is no fee required to replace an emergency limited validity passport for a full validity passport so long as it was issued within the last year and did not have any restrictions in place at the time of issuance.