Pets in India

Indian Requirements

Three methods exist for transporting pets (dogs/cats) out of India.  Please note that not all the airlines provide all three options:

a)   As Excess Baggage: Depending on the airline, you may be able to have your pet travel on the same flight(s), either in the cabin or in the cargo hold.  The airline may consider a pet transported this way as excess baggage and charge you accordingly.  Do not assume that you can take your pet on the same flight with you.  You must confirm this weeks in advance with your airline(s).  As a rule animals weighing 100 lbs. or more will travel as cargo even if they are transported on the same flight as you.

b)   As Air Cargo: You may arrange for your pet to be transported on a separate flight as an air cargo shipment.  In this case, you do not have to accompany your pet, but you need to make arrangements for picking up your pet at the final destination.  Be aware that the cost of this service is usually higher than excess baggage.

c)   As Air Cargo via a Commercial Shipping Company: You may arrange with a licensed commercial shipper to handle the arrangements to ship your pet as air cargo.  You pay the cargo rate plus the shipping company’s fee.

Two local pet expediters in the New Delhi area who can be contacted are below. Please note the Embassy/Consulate neither endorses these providers nor guarantees their professional competence.

1.  M/s Clintus Network, Ltd.
Khasra No. 332l Chatterpur
New Delhi, India

POC: Mr. Dinesh Joshi, Director
Tel: 91-11-26803874/75/76/77/78/79
Cell: +91 9810155741

2. Star Worldwide Group Pvt. Ltd
13/7 Main Mathura Road
Faridabad, Haryana

PoC – Ms. Kriti Vohra ;
Office : 01294093208
Mobile :9311443417

To depart India, all pets must have up-to-date vaccination records, a health certificate issued no more than ten days prior to departure and a rabies vaccination certificate that most be at least one month old but no more then one year old at the time of departure. All pets most be cleared through India’s Animal Quarantine Office in Kapashera. This must be done no more then 48 hours and no less then 24 hours before you depart.  Your pets cannot leave post without this vet’s authorization. If the pets are going as accompanied as excess baggage or in cabin then there is no requirement for the clearance from the quarantine officers clearance or NOC because the US does not require this for pets coming into the US, in this case just the health certificate and vaccination from a local qualified vet will suffice, however if it is booked as cargo under an airway bill, the is recommended to obtain the clearance for the Animal Quarantine officer.

Animal Quarantine Certification Service
Kapashera Crossing
Behing Kapashera Police Station
Delhi-Gurgaon road, Kapashera
Office: 2506-3272
Cell: +91 99581 99310
**Will make house calls if requested.

For anyone planning to place/fix a microchip in a pet, the following are some of the medical facilities that are available in New Delhi. These veterinarians can also assist with Vaccinations and Health Certificates.  Please note that phone numbers can change frequently.  The Embassy/Consulate neither endorses these providers nor guarantees their professional competence.

Dr. Vinod Sharma
Jeevashram Foundation
Rajokri Village
Near Temple
Mobile:  9999088998

Dr. Mahendran
1 Krishi Vihar Shopping Complex
Opposite Pancsheel Enclave

Josip Briz Tito Marg
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. & 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Clinic Tel:  26241419, 26241140
Mobile:  9810117102>

Dr. R.S. Chaggar & Dr. K.K. Chaggar
Hauz Khas Clinic
B/1/1, Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110016
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday: 10:00 a.m. – 1.30 p.m. & 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Clinic Tel:  26564087
Mobile: 9810089089 (R.S. Chaggar)
Mobile: 9811389089 (K.K. Chaggar)

Dr. Chaggar’s Residence Clinic
D-150, Saket, New Delhi
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8:00 a.m. – 10 a.m.
Clinic Tel:  26962774
Emergency services available 24 hrs.

Dr. Rita Goyle
Canine and Feline Specialist
Dr. Goyle will make house calls if requested.
Cell: 9868-109-020

Choudhary Pet Clinic

Dr. S. K. Choudhary
Office/Clinic Address:
31,DDA Market,Near Anand Niketan Club
Anand Niketan,New Delhi-110021
Contact Nos +91 11 24113000/3100
+91 9810147810/+91 9818334540

Information on animal handlers, kennel operators and veterinarians is available on the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA) International, Inc. website at:

Please note that United, Air France/KLM code share Northwest/Delta and other U.S. Carriers impose an embargo during the summer season and do not accept pets.  Also note United Airlines has direct flights direct to Newark, from Delhi and this airline only accepts pets as cargo under an airway bill.  In addition, other U.S. airlines have code share services that have pet transportation services available from New Delhi.

Only two pets per passenger will be allowed.

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