U.S. Ambassador Nancy J. Powell meets with Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar

U.S. Ambassador Nancy J. Powell today met with Chief Minister Narendra Modi in Gandhinagar. This meeting was part of the U.S. Mission’s outreach to senior leaders of India’s major political parties in advance of the upcoming national elections. During her visit to Gujarat, Ambassador Powell will meet with representatives from non-governmental organizations and U.S. and Indian businesses. Her discussions focus on the importance of the U.S.-India relationship, regional security issues, human rights, and American trade and investment in India.

The United States and India are moving forward with a strategic partnership that is broad and deep. Starting last November, Ambassador Powell has shared and listened to views on the U.S.-India relationship. She continues to emphasize that the U.S.-India partnership is important and strategic, and that the United States looks forward to working closely with the government that the Indian people choose in the upcoming elections.