U.S. Ambassador attends Malabar Exercise

AT SEA ABOARD USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT – Today U.S. Ambassador Richard R. Verma observed the combined naval exercise Malabar 2015 being conducted in the Bay of Bengal.  Ambassador Verma was joined by Japanese Ambassador Takeshi Yagi and Vice Admiral RK Pattanaik from the Indian Navy along with other officers, diplomats, and civilian leaders.  Together they flew out to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to observe operations and meet with participants.

Malabar is a complex, high-end warfighting exercise conducted to advance multi-national maritime relationships and mutual security goals. This year, the Indian and U.S. navies are joined by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force. At sea, the Ambassador and the guests observed trilateral operations in maritime patrol and reconnaissance, surface and anti-submarine warfare, medical operations, damage control, explosive ordnance disposal, helicopter operations, and visit board search and seizure.

Ambassador Verma was impressed by the degree of cooperation and interaction among sailors from the three countries, commenting “Though each of the naval forces were operating from the world’s most modern ships and aircraft, what impressed me most was the level of cooperation demonstrated by the officers and sailors from each of the countries necessary to operate safely at sea, while conducting exercises that support regional maritime security.”

Ambassador Verma added “The United States, Japan, and India are three of the world’s largest democracies.  By working together we can deepen our relationships and ensure that all nations continue to enjoy security and prosperity through the freedom of navigation on the high seas.”