Transcript-U.S. Assistant Secretary for South & Central Asian Affairs Nisha Biswal’s statement to the press outside the Ministry of External Affai

Hello.  Good afternoon.  I’m here with Ambassador Kathy Stephens who is here as our Charge, as our Ambassador in New Delhi.  She arrived just a couple days ago.  We’re here having some wonderful meetings and consultations with the Government of India.  The United States is very committed to the U.S.-India relationship.  And this is an opportunity for us to hear the priorities and the opportunities that the new government is seeking in terms of their desire for this relationship.  United States is very excited about the opportunity ahead and the road ahead because we see the resounding mandate with which this government has come in, with which Prime Minister Modi has come in, and the hopes and the aspirations of the Indian people.  The United States wants to partner with India in meeting those hopes and aspirations and we look forward to working together in the months and the years ahead.  So, this is an opportunity for us to hear from the government on their agenda and their priorities.

Question:  What are the dates for the Modi visit?

I think these are conversations that are being worked out between our two governments.  The president in his first conversation with the Prime Minister invited him and welcomed him to Washington.  And we look forward to that at a mutually convenient date, and we’re working to see what that would be.  Thank you very much.