The United States and India Enhance Joint Capabilities To Fight Terrorism, Remarks by Ambassador Powell

(As prepared for delivery)

The relationship between the United States and India, which are the two oldest and the largest democracies in the world, is very strategic.  Our two nations are committed to fighting terrorism and working to make life safe for all.  I am delighted to give Explosive Incident Countermeasures equipment worth $300,000 to the Mumbai Police to aid in the fight against terrorism.

Since the first Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program course in 1995, the State Department has partnered with the Government of India in delivering 113 courses to the Indian Police.  Also of significance, more than 2,000 officers have received training.  Since my arrival to New Delhi, the United States has contributed approximately $10 million in training and equipment through the Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program.

The success of the program in India can be attributed to the efforts of the Government of India and the State Department working collaboratively to identify the critical needs to enhance police capabilities in the fight against terrorism.  I am confident this cooperation will continue well into the future.  Thank you.


Examples of the Explosive Incident Countermeasures Items for the Maharashtra Police

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suits (EOD 9).  The EOD 9 bomb suit and helmet has been designed with direct input from bomb disposal technicians to provide the highest degree of modular protection and operational flexibility for EOD.  At least 14 types of testing have been performed to validate the performance of the EOD 9, including extensive live-blast testing.

Helmets.  The helmet offers protection against fragments with velocities of over 683 m/s, and is made of a lightweight, high-strength fiber and weighs only 3.6 kg with visor. The ergonomic design allows ease of movement and good visibility without neck strain.

Disruptors.  This device is used for disrupting Improvised explosive Devices (IEDs) from a safe distance.  In explosive countermeasures, it is used to propel water with the help of blank rounds or particles to disrupt IEDs.

Scanners.  The LOGOS Digital Imaging System is used for scanning suspect packages and Improvised Explosive Devices.  It offers users a truly portable Computed Radiography (CR) product designed to be field deployable.  The complete Pelican case-mounted system fits in a typical response vehicle for easy transport to and from the work site.

Tool Kits.  The kit helps bomb squad technicians render safe a variety of explosive devices.