Student Visa Day: It’s Time to Study in the USA

On May 28, U.S. Consulate General Mumbai opened its doors to over 1,000 Indian students applying for visas to pursue higher education in the United States as part of “Student Visa Day.”  Each year, tens of thousands of bright, ambitious students from India choose U.S. educational institutions to fulfill their academic goals.  Indian students are the second-largest group of foreign-national students studying in the United States.

During Student Visa Day festivities, which included special college-themed decorations and refreshments, U.S. Consul General Peter Haas and other U.S. officials congratulated applicants as they joined the growing ranks of Indian students who choose to study in the United States.  Indian student visa issuances are up 40 percent compared with the same period in 2013.  More than 113,000 Indian students currently study in the United States, a 16-percent increase from the previous year

“We’re expecting that number of students to continue to grow since a huge number of Indians are looking to study in the United States,” said Consul General Peter Haas.  “The great thing is that we have over 9,000 schools, universities, and other programs.  These are 9,000 possibilities for Indian students, from small schools to large universities—a tremendous range.”

To congratulate the U.S.-bound students and give them a taste of campus life in the United States, Consulate staff dressed in their school colors while the fight songs of 36 U.S. universities played in the background.  Staff also served popcorn and cake decorated with university logos.  Education advisors from the United States-Indian Educational Foundation (USIEF) were on-hand to answer questions about academics and student life in the United States.

“We love it when foreign students come to the United States, as we think we have the world’s best education system for undergraduate and graduate students,” Haas added.  Some benefits of the U.S. education system include cutting-edge technology, extensive support services for international students, generous funding opportunities, flexible curricula, and hands-on training programs.

Student Visa Day is an annual event at U.S. Consulate General Mumbai.  Consulate staff members are ready to assist qualified Indian students reach their goal of pursuing an education in the United States.