Energy and Climate Change

United States-India Flags

‘The United States is uniquely positioned to offer India a comprehensive energy partnership.  This includes all forms of energy – coal; crude oil; natural gas; and nuclear power; as well as technology related to clean fossil fuels, smart grids, energy storage, and renewable resources.  Indeed, last year the United States exported its first major shipment of crude oil to India.  The United States can also help provide the supporting services, infrastructure, and technology that are necessary for India’s efforts to further develop domestic sources of energy and enhance energy security.

The U.S.-India Strategic Energy Partnership will convene early this year at the Ministerial level, and we look forward to welcoming Energy Secretary Perry to New Delhi.  One highlight is our joint work on power and energy efficiency.  As India strives to bring stability to its expanding power grid, U.S. companies offer the technology and expertise to meet the demands on overloaded transmission and distribution systems.  In addition, we are collaborating on the types of policies, regulations, and financial investments that will support the development of a sustainable and profitable grid.

Our environmental collaboration extends to the oceans and maritime areas, consistent with Prime Minister Modi’s commitment to the blue economy.  This includes scientific exchanges on ocean biodiversity, and mining and marine pollution, all of which should help sustain fisheries and coastal communities for decades to come.  Indeed, these efforts could be expanded on a regional basis in order to protect the broader marine environment.’ – Ambassador Kenneth I. Juster, January 11, 2018.