Mentor Teachers Excel at English Language Instruction

On July 12, fifty professional development coordinators for Delhi government schools participated in a graduation ceremony to mark their successful completion of the TESOL Core Certificate Program (TCCP) offered by the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi in partnership with TESOL International, the leading organization in the field of English language teaching.  The graduates of the program will continue to provide training, coaching and professional development to over 10,000 government teachers, who work with 100,000 middle and secondary school students in Delhi National Capital Region.

The U.S. Embassy’s Minister Counselor for Public Affairs David Kennedy joined Manish Sisodia, Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education, to open the graduation and congratulate the teachers for their commitment.  In his remarks, Mr. Kennedy said, “The skills learned in this program will benefit not only the 10,000 teachers these mentor teachers work with, but the millions of students they will teach over the next years and help students in every aspect of their future, whether in higher education or employment.”

The TESOL Core Certificate Program is an intensive 140-hour, English language teacher training program.  Throughout the program participants learned cutting-edge, research-based teaching strategies to share with the teachers they mentor.

Having completed the course, Mentor Teachers are better equipped to guide Delhi government teachers in creating student-centered, critical thinking classrooms that provide students with the English language proficiency and 21st century skills mandated by India’s new National Education Policy, which will enable them to succeed academically and find rewarding jobs.

At the graduation ceremony, the U.S. Embassy’s Regional English Language Officer Ruth Goode, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, and Director of Education Udit Prakash Rai also congratulated the graduating teachers.  TESOL International President Gabriele Kleckova encouraged a further batch of 50 additional Mentor Teachers who are about to embark on the next step in their professional development journey by participating in a U.S. Embassy-funded six-week course will train them in teacher training and leadership skills.

Since 2017 the US Embassy has worked hand in hand with Delhi Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Education Manish Sisodia to provide training and build the capacity of over 150 Mentor Teachers.  As Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia has noted, “Education is a means of transforming society and for empowering youth”.

The U.S. government funds English teacher education, language proficiency, and professional development programs through the Regional English Language Office at U.S. Embassies and Consulates around the world.  For more information about the Regional English Language Office and its programs, please visit or write to