Instructions on Filing an I-130 at U.S. Consulate Mumbai or U.S. Embassy New Delhi


  • Petitioner = U.S. Citizen
  • Alien Relative = Beneficiary/Visa Applicant


  • U.S. citizen petitioners must come in person to submit all forms and supporting documents in the order listed below.
  • All Supporting Documents must be originals (bearing an original seal, stamp or signature of the office of record), plus one photocopy of each.
  • English translations of all local language documents are required. If a document is in any language other than English, please bring a notarized English translation.
  • USCIS does not authorize the Department of State to accept a local filing abroad if the petitioner has already filed a Form I-130 domestically for the same beneficiary.  If exigent circumstances exist, the petitioner should request expedited processing for the electronic or domestically-filed petition.

Do not send anything to the Embassy or Consulate unless instructed to do so.  Before contacting us to request an appointment, make sure you have all the necessary documents.  You must request an appointment from the U.S. Consulate in Mumbai at (for any visa category other than adoptions) or the Embassy in New Delhi (for IR-2 adoptions) documenting why your situation falls into the “exceptional circumstances” for local I-130 filing at:

Most petitions must be filed domestically with USCIS even if the petitioner is currently overseas.  Local filing cannot be used to avoid the processing times associated with domestic filing.  By regulation, there is no appeal of a decision by the Embassy or Consulate to decline your request to file locally.  If your request is declined, you must file domestically with USCIS and, as necessary, request expedited processing for the petition.

If we approve your appointment for local I-130 submission, you will need:

    • Completed and Signed Form I-130  Do not use the online form.  Please download and complete the pdf version and bring a printed copy to the interview.
    • Completed and Signed form I-130 A (Supplemental information for child beneficiary ONLY).  Please download and complete the pdf version and bring a printed copy to the interview.
    • A passport-style color photo of the U.S. citizen petitioner and a passport-style color photo of the child that were taken within 30 days of the date of application.
    • Documentary evidence of the petitioner’s U.S. Citizenship.  See instructions at; petitioners most often provide a U.S. passport, but see the full list of documents in the linked instructions.
    • Documentary evidence of the beneficiary’s identity (passport or birth certificate).
    • Documentary evidence of name changes for either party (if applicable).
    • Documents required to prove the family relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary.  See instructions at  This is most often a marriage certificate (for a spouse), a birth certificate (for a child), or both (for a stepchild).  However, please see the linked instructions.  This will also include evidence of dissolution of any prior marriages, if applicable.
    • The I-130 filing fee of $535 (as of July 28, 2019), which must be paid by international credit card or in cash (Indian Rupees or U.S. dollars).  This fee is distinct from the immigrant visa application fee.  Please carry exact change if paying in cash.  As the consular rate of exchange can change, check it at the day before your interview to obtain the current consular rate of exchange.  Consular fees are not refundable.