Food and Drug Administration India Office

FDA opened the India Office in New Delhi in 2008, to ensure that food and medical products exported from India to the U.S. are safe, are of good quality, and are effective.

FDA’s goals in India are to obtain information to help make better regulatory decisions about the products from India that are being developed and exported for the U.S. market. This includes medical products being reviewed for marketing authorization in the U.S., and the safety assessment of products that are already on the U.S. market. In addition, the India Office helps verify that foods being imported into the U.S. are safe.

FDA activities in India include:

  • Conducting inspections of medical products and foods facilities that export to the U.S.
  • Engaging with Indian regulatory authorities to build confidence in each other and develop quality standards
  • Partnering with Indian counterpart agencies on bilateral initiatives
  • Assisting and training Indian regulators, Indian pharmaceutical and foods industries and stakeholders on developing and maintaining the quality, safety and effectiveness of medical products and foods
  • Building and strengthening relationships with the Government of India by supporting the mission of the U.S. Embassy