Employment Opportunities

Customs Expeditor / Motorpool Supervisor – Closing Date: March 27, 2017 (PDF: 398 KB)

Purchasing Agent – Closing Date: March 27, 2017 (PDF: 399 KB)


Interested applicants should submit the following:

  • Universal Application for Employment (UAE) as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-0174):
  • DS-0174 UAE (Editable Word Document) (PDF 501 KB)
    Instructions to complete application form  and Sample Form  here (PDF: 476 KB)
  • Candidates who claim U.S. Veterans preference must provide a copy of their Form DD-0214 with their application.  Candidates who claim conditional U.S. Veterans preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional preference in hiring with their application.
  • Any other documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements of the position as listed above.