Sections & Offices

The mission of the consular section is to facilitate travel between the United States and India. We educate foreign nationals about visiting and working in the U.S. and issue thousands of immigrant and non-immigrant visas every week. When U.S. citizens travel abroad, the consular section is their lifeline to U.S. Government services ranging from emergencies to voter registration.

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Public diplomacy complements and reinforces traditional diplomacy by communicating U.S. interests directly to the Indian public and by fostering mutual understanding and building trust between the United States and India.

The Public Diplomacy Section is responsible for press relations, cultural and educational affairs, and exchange and information activities that articulate U.S. foreign policy and promote greater mutual understanding between India and the United States.

The Pol-Econ section monitors political and economic developments within the consular district and engages in fostering economic relations between the U.S and the states of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha.

The Pol-Econ section maintains official contact with state government ministries, political parties, NGOs, and businesses in order to contribute to the efforts of Mission India to cooperate and collaborate with the Indian government, civil society, and the business community in areas of mutual concern.

Under the supervision of the Management Officer, the various components of the Management Section provide administrative, logistical and operational guidance and support services to Consulate staff.

  • The Human Resources section manages local and American personnel issues, including hiring of local staff, payroll, awards, and diplomatic accreditation.
  • The Budget and Fiscal section manages the Embassy’s budget and processes bills, VAT claims, and travel orders.
  • The General Services office manages residential leasing, procurement, shipping and customs, transportation, and maintenance.
  • The Information Management office handles all communications and information management requirements, including phones and computer systems.
  • Additionally, the Management Officer supervises a Community Liaison administrative assistant and serves in an administrative capacity as medical liaison to coordinate medical services  with medical staff at the US Embassy in New Delhi.

You can confidentially report visa fraud by email. Be as specific as possible. Please include the person’s name, date of birth, and passport number as well as your name and contact details. Email:

You may also leave a voice message on +91-040 6932 8000.

Lost or stolen Passport With U.S. Visa?

If your passport is lost, stolen, or missing, immediately contact the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General that issued your visa with details of police complaint lodged, passport, and visa numbers.

Provide your passport number, name, and contact information.

Report Criminal Activity!

To report a tip regarding criminal activity associated with a U.S. visa, passport, wanted U.S. fugitive, human smugglers, or document vendors, please send an e-mail to

Individuals providing tips to the consulate may remain anonymous. Should you wish to speak with a Special Agent regarding your tip, please provide your name and phone number.

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Foreign Commercial Service offers valuable assistance to help U.S. businesses export goods and services to India. We assist U.S. companies to identify trade opportunities, find local trading partners, representatives and distributors, resolve trade complaints, land government tenders, and obtain market research. U.S. exporters can find more information here.

We also help Indian companies to find the best U.S. suppliers. For further information for Indian importers, please click here.