Zoohackathon, September 2018

Zoohackathon Poster

What:            New Delhi Zoohackathon 2018

Where:           WWF-India Secretariat, 172-B, Lodi Estate, New Delhi

When:            September 22-23, 2018


 Zoohackathon, a tech challenge to find technology driven solutions for fighting wildlife crime, will once again be organised by the U.S. Embassy, TRAFFIC and WWF-India, in New Delhi on September 22-23, 2018.  The inaugural session will be on September 21, 4-5 pm.

The idea of a Zoohackathon is to bring together coders, wildlife enthusiasts, and designers in different cities around the world to spend a weekend developing technology-focused solutions to address illegal wildlife trade. The first Zoohackathon in 2016 took place in London, Sydney, Washington DC, San Diego, and Seattle.  India’s first Zoohackathon was held at the WWF-India Secretariat in New Delhi on 7–8 October 2017, coinciding with the Wildlife Week celebrations and was organized by U.S. Embassy, MoEF&CC, TRAFFIC and WWF-India.

Illicit wildlife trade is an ever-evolving global crime that is increasingly getting more sophisticated and organised. Considered to be high profit and low risk, it is attracting organised criminals, who in turn pose a threat to national and global security, besides endangering the future of our wildlife. In light of this, Zoohackathon was conceptualised and organised to challenge participants to develop solutions that will help stop wildlife trafficking.

The U.S. Department of State will provide the problem statements, which would have been solicited from wildlife experts worldwide, to all 2018 host sites.  The participants will have all weekend to create a solution, which can take any form, including websites, mobile apps, and software.  At the end of the hackathon participants will present their work to an expert panel of judges who will designate a local winner for the worldwide prize.

The problem statements will be announced to the participants at the inaugural session on September 21.   At end of the 2nd day, each team will present their work and an expert panel of judges will nominate a winner.  The winning team will get a prize and their work will compete for the global competition. The global winner will be announced on World Cheetah Day, December 4, 2018.  We plan to include talks by communications experts and wildlife experts, in addition to some fun activities during the course of the Zoohackathon.

The following will be provided to the participants:
  1. Safe, comfortable, supervised, and Wi-Fi-enabled space.
  2. A wildlife mentor and coding mentor will be available at the venue to answer questions.
  3. Lunch, tea/coffee
Points to Note:
  1. Participants must bring their own laptops and are welcome to use their personal internet dongle, as well.
  2. We welcome participation from all. Teams with a relative gender balance will be given preference.
  3. Each team could include between 3-6 members
August 10 Registration for Zoohackathon opens
September 9 Registration closes
September 22-23 New Delhi Zoohackathon 2018!!
December 4 Global winners announced on World Cheetah Day
Site for Registration: https://bit.ly/2vPU9TW