Student Visas

International students planning to pursue degrees in full-time academic programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral programs in the U.S. must obtain a student visa.  Your course of study and the type of school you plan to attend determine the exact type of visa you’ll need. You’ll need to work with educational advisers to learn the steps required to obtain the correct visa. For more information about student visas, please visit the Visa section of our website.

Student Visa Facebook Wall Chat Transcripts

The U.S. Consulate often hosts online visa webchats and answer a variety of questions about student visas. Listed below are transcripts with questions and answers from past wall chats:

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  12. FB Wall Chat: GSS-New Visa Application Process (October 2012)

Videos on Education & Visas 

There are a selection of our videos about higher education and the visa process. To see more of our videos, visit our YouTube channel.

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