Community Colleges in the U.S.

There are over 1100 U.S. community colleges that provide provide opportunity and access to nearly 13 million students each year.

With their open-access model and low tuition rates, community colleges are a gateway to opportunity for a variety of students with diverse needs. Nearly half of all U.S. undergraduates attend community college, some with the goal of transferring to a four-year institution or others to immediately join the workforce. These colleges provide the preparation, training, and services that are needed for success in the 21st century global economy.

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Community College Initiative (CCI) Program
The Community College Initiative (CCI) Program offers students a quality academic program at U.S. community colleges intended to build technical skills, enhance leadership capabilities, and strengthen English language proficiency. The program also provides opportunities for professional internships, service learning, and community engagement activities. Participants spend one academic year in the U.S. and may earn certificates in their fields of study.

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