Questions about the U.S. Elections?

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We have had live chats and some answers! #USelections

The voting day for U.S. Presidential Election is only weeks away. How do you think the election will impact #USIndia relations? Participate in our#SPAN essay contest and share your views with us in 600 words in English, Hindi or Urdu before September 30 to win exciting prizes!

Delegate Aruna Miller from Maryland and Senator Wayne Harper from Utah shared anecdotes about the U.S. Elections’ campaigns, processes, and procedures at the #AmCenterND last week. Let’s keep the conversation going here. What are your thoughts on the 2016 United States Presidential Elections?

The election process in the United States has entered the home stretch. Learn more about the journey from primaries to polling day from our Cultural Affairs Officer Dr. Craig Dicker tomorrow, Sept 15 at the#AmCenterND.