Keeping Faith: Indian Religions in the United States

Like India, the United States is a vibrant and complex multi-religious democracy. While Indians have had a growing role in American society for over a century, only with the recent immigration of the past fifty years have India’s many faith traditions become a pervasive and significant part of America’s religious landscape. They have built centers and halls of worship for their community events, creating a place for rites and festivals, a place of learning for the next generation, and a place to share their religions with other Americans, signaling the fact that India’s faiths have set down roots in American soil.

Turban Day in Union Square, Manhattan, 2013 New York, New York, Photograph by Simran Jeet Singh, The Surat Initiative

Keeping Faith: Indian Religions in the United States (PDF Version) highlights how these faiths have grown in cities and states across the country, as well as how individuals, communities, and organizations practice their traditions and celebrate their differences.