Security Policy

Visitor Access/Badges:
• All visitors must show a valid photo Identification (ID) such as: passport, driver license, voter ID card, PAN card, official government / university / college / school ID.
Dosti House Badge: Grants entrance to Dosti House only. Dosti House badge holders cannot access any other space, including the multi-purpose room (MPR).

Permitted Electronic Equipment in Dosti House ONLY:
• Mobile/smart phones, digital music players, audio recording devices, and automobile key fobs.
Bluetooth must be disabled on all devices at all times.
• Devices can never be connected to the Consulate’s Network, USB, or other ports of any computer terminal.
• Electronic equipment permitted in Dosti House is prohibited in other spaces such as the MPR.
Prohibited Electronic Equipment:
• Memory storage device with USB / Laptop / FireWire / Lightning or any other connection or drive (thumb drive, flash memory cards, external / portable hard drives, and optical storage discs (DVD/CD), camera, and video recorder), electronic reading devices.
• Laptop/PDA/Tab/Smart watch with camera.
• Prohibited equipment must be checked and left in the lockers at the main entrance.
Photography and Video Recording:
• Strictly prohibited in and around the Consulate grounds.
• May be permitted in designated areas for Dosti House events only, of the event, but not of the facilities.
• The taking of unauthorized photos and video of the compound facilities can result in expulsion from the Consulate and cancellation of Dosti House membership.
• Consulate security personnel reserve the right at any time to inspect any mobile or electronic device and require visitors to delete content deemed unauthorized.