eInfo Packs

These information digests are collated by the Reference Librarians, American Library on special themes.

Study in the U.S.: It offers something for everyone! – December 2015 (PDF 1 MB)

You might know someone who has studied in the United States or plans to, but did you know that there are special programs in place to assist diverse populations? From services and support for international students, persons with disabilities, LGBTI students, women in STEM fields, and those from other such under-represented groups, U.S. universities offer inclusive campus services. Study in the United States offers immense diversity, not just in student populations, but in types of campus, size, scope, geography, faculty, and more. It’s just one more reason to consider studying in the United States, and we encourage you to learn more.

Climate Change – November 2015 (PDF 2 MB)

The United States is taking a leading role in addressing climate change by advancing an ever-expanding suite of measures at home and abroad. President Obama’s Climate Action Plan includes unprecedented efforts by the United States to reduce carbon pollution, promote clean sources of energy that create jobs, protect communities from the impacts of climate change, and work with partners to lead international climate change efforts. Learn more about the United States efforts to combat global climate change in this einfopack.

U.S. Food and Agriculture – August 2015 (PDF 2 MB)

Do you think that American food is just burgers, hot dogs, and French fries? Do you believe that American food is only non-veg and lacks spice and flavor? There’s much more to American food than you realize! From spicy gumbo in the south, to hearty chowders in the northeast, American cuisine is a diverse reflection of geographic influences, its mix of immigrants, and the work of farmers. Agriculture is a major industry in the United States, with exports increasing imports in 2015. Many American items might be readily available in your own pantries like lentils, dried peas, and almonds!

U.S. Consulate General, Mumbai – July 2015 (PDF 2 MB)

The American Library is pleased to bring a special edition of eInfopack focusing on The U.S. Consulate General Mumbai and its services.

LGBT – June 2015 (PDF 832 KB)

In the United States, June is “Pride Month” when we recognize the contributions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Persons to all aspects of American life, including civil rights, politics, sports, arts, business, and more. From the Stonewall riots to legalizing same sex marriages, to making LGBT rights a U.S. Foreign policy priority, the United States has made considerable progress in preserving the dignity and human rights of LGBT persons. President Barack Obama passed a landmark executive order protecting LGBT persons from workplace discrimination. Want to learn more about LGBT community history and the moves towards greater acceptance and equality in the United States? Please check this eInfopack

Study in the U.S. – May 2015 (PDF 428 KB)

In the United States, you can find some of the world’s best institutes of higher education, engaging professors who make time for students, cutting edge technology and information resources, and a diversity of environments that offers something for everyone. Welcoming of foreign students and exchange visitors, the United States has unsurpassed study opportunities. Seeking a rural setting? A large, urban campus? Mountains? An ocean view? A big Indian population nearby? Top minds in your field of study? Extracurricular activities ranging from music, theater, arts, debate, and robotics? The United States has got options for all of those, and then some. For details read this eInfoPack.

Green Initiatives – April 2015 (PDF 683 KB)

The United States and India are committed to working towards providing sustainable livelihoods, clean energy and green jobs for their people. A number of U.S. cities are partnering with the U.S. government’s Environmental Protection Agency to create green and clean cities through the Green Power partnership program. Likewise, Indian cities, states, and central government are working together to protect the environment. Sustainable energy can spur economic growth and benefit industry, consumers, and the environment. Learn about some of the advances in the area, as well as ways in which the United States and India can cooperate in green efforts. The American Library has curated a selection of e-books, reports and websites on green initiatives.

Women’s History Month – March 2015 (PDF 827 KB)

March is Women’s History Month in the United States, and it offers us an opportunity to reflect on women’s numerous contributions to society. To read President Obama’s Proclamation about the issue, learn who won the 2015 International Women of Courage Awards, and to find videos and other resources highlighting the achievements of women in various fields. Please check this eInfoPack.

Celebrating African American History Month – February 2015 (PDF 2 MB)

Martin Luther King, Jr was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi. The Gadhar Party in the United States advocated for rights for immigrants and Black Americans, and also for Indian independence from the United Kingdom. There are numerous linkages between African Americans and Indians. though not many people know about these connections. February is Black History Month in the United States, and is a great time to learn more.

Travel and Tourism in the U.S. – January 2015 (PDF 2 MB)

The United States is unique as a travel destination, offering something for everyone. From beaches to glaciers, lakes to mountain peaks, and corn fields to volcanoes, the United States features incredible diversity that makes it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world. Learn more, and even if you can’t plan a trip at the moment, you can be a virtual visitor! With online resources, you can peek inside the Smithsonian museums, find out more about monuments, try out American recipes at home, and discover hidden tourist gems throughout the United States.