PAS Mumbai screens “Hidden Figures” to celebrate the moon landing day and the U.S. space program

PAS Mumbai screened the Oscar nominated movie “Hidden Figures” (2016) for an audience of science and media students and faculty members. The movie which touches upon the themes of women and STEM careers, women in workplace, civil rights and inclusion, was a useful tool to engage the audience n these themes. The screening was followed by a panel discussion led by Mumbai CAO. Program coordinator of Mumbai’s science center and the deputy editor of a widely read city paper served on the panel to represent view points from science and media fields. The discussion focused on the importance of STEM careers, portrayal of women in media, gender equity, and the U.S. civil rights movement. In the Q and A, students remarked that they were inspired by the movie and talked about their own experiences of choosing higher education and career paths, and the status of women empowerment in contemporary India.