Borrowing Materials

Requirements for collection borrowing/ checkout

Only Dosti House members can borrow collection items to take home.  A valid Dosti House membership card is required to check out items.

Borrowing Periods

Individuals may borrow 4 books, 2 back issues of periodicals, and 1 DVD for a period of three weeks.

Institutional members receive five cards and thus  may borrow 20 books, 10 back issues of periodicals, and 5 DVDs for three weeks.

Local members must  check out items in person at Dosti House.  Members outside the Mumbai area can check out items by mail.  Contact Dosti House directly for details.

Borrowing Renewals

  • Book and periodical loans can be renewed only once for an additional three week period.
  • DVDs loans cannot be renewed.
  • Books on hold for other patrons cannot be renewed.
  • Renewals can be requested in person, by phone, or by email.

Overdue Materials

For late return of books/ periodicals/ DVDs, a fine of Re.1 per day is charged after the due date. Repeated late return of books may result in loss of borrowing privileges.

Lost/Damaged Materials

Lost or damaged books must be paid for at cost of replacement or as determined by Dosti House.


A hold for books can be requested by email to

Inter-American Space Borrowing

Members can make requests to borrow materials located at other American Spaces in India, including the  the American Libraries in New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai or the American Corner in Ahmedabad.  Requests should be sent to by sending an email to . A notification will be sent to the member once the book is available.