American Center’s Startup Hub and Technology Incubator: Nexus

Charge d' Affaires MaryKay Carlson addresses Nexus Startup Hub - July 21, 2017

The Nexus project will support innovators through incubator and mentorship programs, link them to potential American and Indian investors and feature the incubator as a living model for best practices in incubation, based on the renowned Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), named as one of the top 8 incubators in the U.S. by the Kaufmann foundation.  A resident director and staff will provide hands-on mentoring and certificate modules on needed practical skills for entrepreneurs like including company formation, marketing, design, IPR, accounting, pitching, and working with funders (granting agencies, VCs and Angels) will be conducted by our network of American and Indian experts.

The unparalleled extended network of the American Center and the IC2 Institute is an asset that few other incubators can match and Nexus’ holistic approach, from inception to the marketplace, its central location in Delhi, combined with world class international resident experts, ensures that Nexus will provide a unique value to its tenant startups and to the Delhi ecosystem as a whole.

Introducing Nexus: “Nexus:  Startup Hub@ American Center” is one of our contributions to addressing issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship in India.  A business and technology incubator, Nexus will support youthful innovators through the incubator and mentorship programs, link them to potential American and Indian investors, and feature the incubator as a living model for multiple-week certificate courses on creating and administering incubators, as well as other modules including marketing, design, IPR, accountancy, clean energy, and social entrepreneurship.  Hosted by The American Center in New Delhi in collaboration with IC2 Institute of the U of Texas-Austin (which has extensive Indian experience working in the start-up sector), and in consonance with other partner organizations, Nexus is in the process of creating its nest, by reworking a significant section of the American Center’s public space – thus the name –  “Nexus:  Startup Hub@ American Center”.  The central location of the American Center – situated near key cultural and educational institutions, public transportation, and corporate headquarters – is an asset that no other New Delhi incubator can match.  The holistic approach, from inception to the marketplace, is another unique aspect of the proposed program.

Timeline:   The Nexus Incubator program is designed as a two-phased process.  The first “pre-incubation” phase lasts 10 weeks and is focused on training and information provision.   We plan to run three pre-incubation cohorts annually through Nexus for 10 weeks each.  In the second phase, a small proportion of the first phase startups will be selected for-long term (8 months or more) incubation.

Nexus is much more than just an incubator:  The primary objective of Nexus is to provide relevant support, expertise, mentorship and networks to the start-up community in Delhi in order to create a more cooperative, collaborative and dynamic start-up ecosystem.  In addition to running a two-phased incubator, Nexus will offer certificate courses (e.g., on incubation management), seminars, workshops, online courses and hackathons to achieve its stated purpose.  During the upcoming few months, Nexus will offer sessions as follows:

  • Preparation for funding: What do VC’s/Angels want? Workshop conducted by IAN/Village Capital
  • Legal compliance. What type of company is best for my team? Forms of companies for startups and for international funding.  Workshop conducted by Grant Thornton
  • Intellectual Property basics: Patents, Copyright, Trademarks and Know-how
  • Accounting for startups; what you need to know.

For more information:
Nexus Startup Hub @ American Center Website
Twitter handle: @nexusdelhi