Chennai Students Experience Crossover

On October 14, 2015, with shine and hope in their eyes, Chennai school athletes had a life time opportunity of interacting with Shaun Jayachandran, Basketball Coach and Educator, Crossover, Boston, Massachusetts at the American Library.   In conjunction with the Global Diaspora Week, CAO Andie De Arment led the skype enabled lively chat by contouring the different facets of sports and its influences in connecting people across borders and continents.  Shaun who began with the culture and pluralism of U.S. Campuses and the new dimensions of learning it offers.  The Chennai young athletes who represent their respective schools in both team and individual sports, sought answers on a wide variety arena such as how to mentally prepare for bigger meets and tournaments, improving endurance levels, overcoming match jinx, dietary routine, leadership qualities, ball-handling skills, dealing with sports injuries and sports as a continuum in an athletes’ life.

man speaking to athletes
Shaun Jayachandran responding to young athlete’s query on fitness challenges