Chargé Carlson’s Remarks at the Passage to Prosperity India-Afghanistan Trade Event Ministerial Dinner

ITC Maurya Hotel | September 27, 2017

(As Prepared for Delivery)

On behalf of the Embassy of the United States in New Delhi, India, I am honored to welcome you to the Passage to Prosperity, the India-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Show.  I also want to give a very special welcome to our esteemed guests from Afghanistan led by Minister Rakash.

Minister Jaitley, Minister Raju, we are honored by your presence at this inaugural ceremony. Your participation speaks to India’s leadership in promoting peace, prosperity, and stability in the region.

It is truly a pleasure to share the dais with this esteemed group of leaders.   I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Ministry of External Affairs, who graciously offered to host tonight’s reception.

At the Heart of Asia Ministerial last December, the governments of Afghanistan and India committed to deepen their relationship and increase economic trade and investment.  President Trump echoed this sentiment when he met with Prime Minister Modi in June, welcoming further collaboration to promote Afghanistan’s stability, security, and economic growth.  This three-day event helps fulfill commitments our leaders made to the citizens of all three of our countries.

The United States is pleased to support the Passage to Prosperity.  We see India’s role as critical in the region, and view India as an essential partner in supporting Afghanistan’s emergence from decades of conflict.  The U.S. and Indian companies participating at this event are eager to learn how they can invest in and trade with Afghanistan.  No doubt our trilateral relationship will deepen this week and in the coming months and years ahead.

I’d like to give a shout-out to USAID-Afghanistan and their counterparts here in New Delhi for the work they put into organizing this event.   Passage to Prosperity presents significant opportunities to make a real difference.  Whether through improved access to quality healthcare, women’s empowerment initiatives such as the Self Employed Women’s Association, or sharing agricultural best practices – Passage to Prosperity seeks to build upon the already-strong relationships between our great nations in ways that will improve lives.

The next three days provide an opportunity to strengthen cross-country bonds and build cooperative relationships for the well-being of Afghanistan and the region.   It is truly an honor to be part of this seminal event, and I look forward to seeing the fruits of this collaboration.  Thank you.