Challenges and Opportunities for Media in the Digital Age

Four leading lights in the Malayalam, Tamil, and English media joined us in the American Library on October 8 to discuss how media is changing – and isn’t – with the advent of the digital age.  Co-hosted by the Kerala Media Academy and the Kerala Union of Working Journalists, the panel included Frontline’s RK Radhakrishnan, Mathrubhumi’s KA Johny, Peer Mohamed, founder and CEO of Tamil news app IPPODHU and was led by Sergy Antony, Chairman of the Kerala Media Academy.  Journalism students from MOP Vaishnav College, the University of Madras and the Kerala Media Academy in Kochi challenged the panel with questions on how the pressure of speed impacts traditional media’s credibility, how digital platforms are changing the business of media, how do cyber laws affect freedom of speech in the media, and how journalists have changed their methods.  Our panel agreed that the core values of journalism have not – and must not – change even as the medium changes but differed on their opinions of the future of print media.

woman speaking to group
Information Officer Emily Fertik moderates the panel discussion on the Challenges and Opportunities for Media in the Digital Age. (State Dept.)