Assistant Secretary Nisha Biswal’s Announcement of USAID Grants to Bangalore-Based Projects

BENGALURU: I am pleased to be here to highlight this latest addition to the constellation of amazing cooperative activities between the United States and India to expand access to clean energy.  Thank you to our hardworking partners on these projects, SELCO and Orb Energy.  Nowhere is U.S.-India collaboration more important than in working together to address global environmental challenges.  In September, President Obama and Prime Minister Singh reaffirmed our countries’ strong commitment to taking vigorous action to address climate change, ensure mutual energy security, and build a clean energy economy that will drive investment, job creation, and economic growth in the 21st century.

Despite some differences, we’ve sought common ground on climate change issues, including multilateral discussions in the United Nations and bilateral cooperation in forestry, adaptation, clean and renewable energy, and HFCs through the creation of the Climate Change Working Group.  As broad as our engagement on global issues is, we can expand it even further to engage on other critical cross-cutting issues such as preserving our oceans.

I am especially proud that this work delivers undeniable benefits to ordinary citizens.  These sustainable and renewable energy projects with SELCO and Orb Energy will help millions of Indian families gain access to affordable, reliable, clean energy for the first time.  They also demonstrate our focus on working with innovators and entrepreneurs in the private sector to find creative solutions to bring sustainable energy to those who currently live off of the electrical grid.

The timing of this initiative brings us right up next week’s Energy Dialogue, led on the U.S. side by Energy Secretary Moniz, where our focus on energy solutions will be on even more prominent display.  U.S. and Indian scientists, entrepreneurs, and government officials will gather next week in Delhi to discuss collaboration on clean energy technology, non-renewables, energy efficiency, and civil nuclear issues.  The ideas and programs generated through this dialogue will benefit consumers and businesses in both countries.

Last month in Jakarta, Secretary Kerry emphasized our commitment to working globally to combat climate change.  He stated that climate change is not only a challenge or a burden, but that it presents one of the greatest economic opportunities of all time.  The global energy market is poised to be the largest market the world has ever known.  With a few smart choices, we can ensure that clean energy is the most effective investment in the global energy sector.  If we come together now, we can not only meet the challenge, but we can create jobs and economic growth in every corner of the globe.