American Trainers Lead English Courses for Indian Educators in Support of New National Education Policy  

Minister Counselor for Public Affairs David Kennedy congratulated over 650 pre-service teachers on April 12 on their graduation from two 10-week online courses the U.S. government designed, which leveraged the latest thinking in foreign-language acquisition and critical-thinking development.  The U.S. Mission to India implemented these courses in partnership with nine prestigious women’s teacher-training colleges of the University of Delhi in response to India’s new National Education Policy (NEP).
Led by 19 U.S. government-funded American English Language Fellows, the innovative virtual courses incorporated hands-on experience with new classroom technologies, enhancing teachers’ abilities to support the development of their students’ English language proficiency in all subject areas, as well as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, digital literacy, and other 21st-century skills as directed by the NEP.  Graduates will use the skills they learned in the program to benefit tens of thousands of elementary and middle-school students.  “These skills will help these teachers’ students in every aspect of their future, whether in higher education or employment,” Mr. Kennedy said.
At the virtual graduation ceremony, the Principal of Miranda House, Dr. Bijaylaxmi Nanda said, “The 21st-century skills that teachers learned to address through English language instruction include such vital abilities as media and technology literacy, collaboration, leadership, and of course, critical thinking skills.”
The U.S. government promotes the learning and teaching of American English to deepen and enrich engagement between the American people and those of other countries.  Our efforts help build bridges between cultures and expand access to global job markets.  Through English we connect and communicate and further strengthen the U.S.-India relationship.
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