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AFCP – Documentation of Bengal Folk Music Traditions - Bhawaiya, Bhatiali, and Bangla Qawwali

This grant has led to re-establishing identity for these musician communities and their economic empowerment through preservation of indigenous cultural heritage.  As a follow up to this grant, the Government of West Bengal in association with UNESCO supported these artist communities as part of the Rural Craft and Cultural Hub Project (2016-2019).  Hundreds of these musicians are now pursuing their music as a livelihood, with a substantial increase in income.  The Government has also supported development of a Bangla Qawaali Folk Art Centre at Jalangi in Murshidabad and held multiple Bhawaiya festivals.  The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India highlighted the artists in the Incredible India Weekend Getaway campaign from December 2020-January 2021. These marginalized artists, who once faced threats of extinction, are now regular performers online. (next two photos)

AFCP Kolkata: Release of Bangla Qawali CD

AFCP Kolkata: U.S. Consul General Helen LaFave releases CD of Bangla Qawali.

AFCP partner: Banglanatak dot com 

Documentation of Bengal folk music genres

Documentation of Bengal folk music genres — Bhawaiya, Bhatiali, and Bangla Qawwali.

AFCP partner: Banglanatak dot com